S.No. Title of the Paper Authors Page No.
1 Power Quality Improvement Using Hybrid Solar/Wind Generation for EV Charging System Surender Kumar Sharma Page 1 to 4
2 Investigation of Mechanical and Microstructural Properties of E250BR material Aamir R. Sayed, Devesh Kumar Page 5 to 9
3 Revolutionizing Geo-environmental Engineering with Nanomaterials A Comprehensive Review of Current Research and Future Opportunities Ankush Kumar Jain Page 10 to 22
4 Cyber Attacks A New Digital Weapon and Security Threats Imran Mirza , Mohammad Firdos Sheikh Page 23 to 29
5 Examining Environmental, Social, and Economic Sustainability in Diverse AIML Models A Comparative Study
Bindiya Jain , Shikha Sharma Page 30 to 38
6 Trend analysis of extreme temperature indices with spatial distribution of temperature extremes over Rajasthan region using CORDEX data
Deepak Kumar Prajapat Page 39 to 51
7 A Review of Photovoltaic Thermal Systems52-62
Pavan Kumar Pathak, Rahul Sen Page 52 to 62
8 Case Study on Pavement Composition by Using Benkelman Beam Deflection
Manokamana Singh , Jitendra Kumar Page 63 to 69
9 Improvement Techniques of Power Quality Issues on Grid-Connected Solar Power Systems
Priyanka Rathore Page 71 to 75
10 Naval Kishor
Naval Kishor , Jitendra Kumar Page 76 to 79
Full Volume-1 Issue-1 2024
Page 1 to 79